The World’s Thinnest
Multi-Purpose Solar LED


Meet MiSun

Meet MiSun

MiSun: Lighting for a sustainable future.

The most functional and innovative portable solar lighting range in the world, MiSun solar lights are feature-rich in an extremely compact housing.

The MiSun light has endless possibilities for the user, and whether you're interested in the basic economical White model, the White + Motion Sensor, the Sound model or the premium programmable Color model, there is a MiSun product that will meet your lighting purposes.

Features Benefits
  • Truly portable lighting, suitable for indoor or outdoor use, with waterproof protection
  • Solar/USB charging function, enables you to charge your mobile phone directly from the MiSun light
  • Range of accessories for many uses and attachment options
  • Designed for long life, MiSun is a durable product, built with a product life-cycle in mind
  • Made from environmentally sound materials, with heavy-metal free battery
  • High power LED output performance with adjustable energy saving
  • Compact, low-profile design for storage and transportation
  • Change the atmosphere or appearance of any space with fully controllable effects and color options
  • Magnetic

    Magnets allow you to stick the item to steel objects. Like sheds, warning lights for truck, sighs or cars

  • Waterproof

    Take the MiSun fishing or boating, its waterproof so don't worry

  • Illuminate_your_pool

    Illuminate your pool or water feature

  • Mood lighting

    Mood lighting in the home or outdoor area. MiSun can do it, with special effects or specific colour scheme.

  • Flickering candle

    On flame setting the MiSun looks like a Flickering candle

  • Disco lights

    Parties, set up MiSun for disco lights or eye catching drink coasters

  • MiSun Motion

    MiSun Motion is great as a security light at home or for personal safety when camping

  • Charge phones

    For emergency and disaster relief, MiSun EM can also charge phones as well flashing light to signal for help. Great for lighting during power failure

  • Drone

    Attach to the bottom of your drone, its only 180 grams

  • Off-grid_lighting

    MiSun is essential equipment when going bush or for off grid lighting

  • Glow in dark

    Glow in dark ring make MiSun easily to find even when the light is off

  • Output
  • 12 x Super-bright LED (all models)
  • 12 x color RGB LEDs (all models)
  • 3 x brightness modes + 1 x flashing light model (white models)
  • 16,7 million colours (color model)
  • 16 x pre-programmed effects
  • 440 max lumen output(color model)
  • 324 max lumen output (white models)
  • Solar Technology
  • High efficiency solar cell (>19%)
  • Mono-crystalline solar module
  • Full recharge in one day*
  • Dimensions
  • Super low profile only 13,2mm height
  • Fits in your hand only 122mm diameter
  • Battery Technology
  • Contains no heavy metals
  • Safer than other lithium batteries
  • Lithium Iron Phosphate composition
  • Holding functions
  • Self-retractable hanging loop
  • High powered magnetic attraction
  • Materials
  • Safe non-toxic silicone rubber
  • Recyclable ABS plastic
  • High transparency acrylic lens
Products_ highlights
lamp tubes

Lamp Tubes

folding light holder

Folding Lamp Holder

flexible magnetic holder

Flexible Magnetic Holder

hangin wire tripod

Hanging Wire Tripod

floating leaf holder

Floating Leaf Holder

light bollard

Light Bollard

Size 122mm diameter, 13.3mm height (4.8 in. diameter, 0.52 in. height)
Weight 180 grams (0.4 pounds)
Battery 2500mAh Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP)
PCB Aluminium
Main housing High transparency acrylic
Hanging wire braided steel, plastic coated
Bluetooth Connectivity BLE 4.0
Magnets Neodymium N50 (x3)
Cover ring Silicone rubber
USB connection USB Type C - 3A
Sealing Ultrasonically welded + silicone rubber
Ingress Protection Rating IP68(all models except MiSun Sound, IP65)
Solar cell >19% mono-crystalline, 1.35W
Luminous flux 440 Lux (max) 232 lm @ 0.5m (color model)
Luminaire Power 6.78 W (color model) at Max Power
Luminous efficacy 34.3 lm/W (color model)
Power supply Solar, USB 5V 2.4A

For the MiSun Color model, this is where the magic happens. The MiSun App. for Android (iOS version is in the works) gives you full control of your MiSun lights. We have created a beautiful, simplified user-friendly and intuitive App. which will have you playing with MiSun Color lights for hours at a time. Imagine controlling up to 10 MiSun Color lights all at once, anywhere you like.



  • Bluetooth 4.0 BLE
  • Pair up to 7 iOS devices
  • Pair up to 10 Android devices
  • Control individual lamps
  • Bluetooth MAC address


  • Battery indicator
  • Color status
  • Effects status
  • Timer status
  • Bluetooth MAC address
  • Individual or Group control


  • 15 lighting effects
  • Rainbow/Disco light
  • Police effect
  • SOS/Morse code
  • Blink/Pulse effect
  • Flame effect


  • Start time
  • Stop time
  • Repeat daily
  • Sinchronises timer to phone time
Model Name MiSun White MiSun Motion MiSun Color MiSun Sound
Solar powered
5 + years Battery life
Max Hours Use 12 P 12
Hanging Wire
100% brightness P
50% brightness P
25% brightness P
Flashing Lights P
Ingress Rating IP68 IP68 IP68 IP68
Dual Role Port USB
Motion Sensor
Displays White
Displays Colour
Control by Phone App
Timer Control
AM/FM/SW Radio


The materials and development process used to make MiSun were carefully considered, with product life-cycle and sustainability at the core of the design process. The number of components was kept to a minimum, design life to a maximum to extend the lifetime of the lights and to give us a highly-recyclable end product.

  • ROHS compliant
  • Aluminium PCB, Heat sink makes LEDs last longer, easily recyclable
  • LiFePO4 battery, last longer, less waste, no heavy metals
  • Blue Tooth Low Energy chip
  • Ultrasonically sealed extends product life
  • Compact size saves materials and logistics costs
  • Operates on renewable solar energy
  • Non-toxic silicone outer ring
  • 100% recyclable acrylic and ABS plastic housing
  • Lasts between 5 and 10 years
  • Designed for autonomous manufacturing methods